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CAJT-Collectif des Amis de James Taylor

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Alex and Hugh

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1 Alex and Hugh le Lun 28 Mai 2007, 9:23 pm

Hey ya fellow CAJTers,

While a lot has been said about Liv, Carly and Ben in here, I was left wondering about Alex and Hugh. I know, I know, I am far from having your knowledge, so, would you be nice enough to tell me about their work?


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2 Re: Alex and Hugh le Mar 29 Mai 2007, 12:09 am

Hi Lilly,

I don't know anything about Hugh (ask Sam), but a few about Alex because my friend Tommy played with him and told me a bit about.

He didn't play any instrument. He was a covers singer, with a fantastic husky vodka-soaked voice, something like Dr John...

"The last time I saw Alex

He was leaving Santa Fe

With a bunch of round-eyed Buddhists

In a killer Chevrolet..."

The first time I asked the round-eyed buddhist I know, what killed Alex, he began to cry and couldn't answer. The second time, he said : "vodka".

If Sam or Serge can't send you some Alex's songs, I have a LP and a K7 of him, but no pickup or K7 reader to convert them in MP3... but as you know ... tout devient possible !


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3 Re: Alex and Hugh le Mar 29 Mai 2007, 9:20 pm

Lilly, soon you'll have one of Alex's cd's called "Dinnertime".

I also have some Videos where Hugh & Alex are singing with the whole "Taylor Gang" sitting on my JT page.

I know that Hugh had made an album waaay back when, but i am not sure if it ever was commercial released, at least i haven't ever seen nor heard it.

I really like Alex's voice and the tasteful way he deliver his well written, and carefully arranged tunes. I would compare his voice more with Greg Allman than Dr.John. Lots of his songs also have this "Southern Rock" feel like the Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd had.

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4 Re: Alex and Hugh le Mer 30 Mai 2007, 9:20 am

Or like Tommy Talton... all these guys belonged to the "round eyed budhists in a killer Chevrolet" gang.
I wonder why Tommy didn't play on Dinnertime, while the rest of Cowboy do ?

I could ask him, but as you know people who made the 70's don't remember...

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